Sunday, April 6, 2008

Rejoice! Narcissus-X Forgives and Returns!

Narcissus-X is compassionate. Realizing the appalling profundity of unknowingness and nonenlightenment which surely follows separation from Narcissus-X, Narcissus-X returns.

Hurt, slighted, ignored, debased by obviously devious destructive deviancies of service by darkly demented enemies of Narcissus-X, Narcissus-X retreated to the sanctums of solitude, seeking solace in the wisdom of the only one who can truly understand Narcissus-X: Narcissus-X.

And Narcissus-X revealed to Narcissus-X wisdom. Despite the deliberate destruction of that path by which those seeking the wisdom of Narcissus-X might approach Narcissus-X, Narcissus-X must not withhold Narcissus-X from the teeming throngs.

For that would be the act of a lesser being, and Narcissus-X is not lesser, but greater: being endowed with insights, creativity, and genius which surpasses the dreams and aspirations of those doomed to be other than Narcissus-X.

And so, Rejoice!

Narcissus-X returns!

Server failures are forgiven!

Approach the darkly burning star in an obsidian abyss which is Narcissus-X!

For Narcissus-X reveals insights.

Paths ring with footsteps
Approaching etheric tones
Hear Narcissus-X

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