Friday, April 11, 2008

Hear Narcissus-X, for Narcissus-X is Here

Draw near, for the words of Narcissus-X are as profound as the thoughts of Narcissus-X. Drawing upon awesome depths of insight afforded to those whose extended musings penetrate shining obsidian vastnesses, Narcissus-X has contemplated that portion of existence which some call the present.

For those bound by such conventions, consider this.

Canto Recitative

Nacreous syllogisms of bituminous boulevards!

Bourgeoisie barristers banish Balder's bairns by blighting ballads.

Polarities gain credence by repetition of muddled mumblings while hoi polloi multitudes, blind to the encircling gestalt, mistake a secular baguette's termini for existential profundities.

Cast off trivial trappings!

Self-referential rebellions gyrate toward enlightened oblivion.

Scalawags ferment dreams of worldly bliss.

Poets pine for Elysian vistas.

Prometheus weeps.


Heed this! For these are the words of Narcissus-X.

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