Thursday, April 3, 2014

Silent Crystal Penguins

Inverted shades, pale drifting reminders of cold and emptiness waft without intent and yet gather, entombing nascent knives of parkland opulence.

Narcissus-X returns from travels under the ebon sky, carries obsidian visions sought amid throngs of crystal penguins. Silent crystal penguins, colonnades of silent crystal penguins.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Flickering Fantasies Fade

Platitudes patter painfully, pandering philistines prattle in the wax museum and candle shop of bankrupt philosophies.

Away! Begone! Avaunt! Skedaddle! Snark hunters beware! Narcissus-X will not yield! Bark, barkers, bark! Art will out! Out art Art!

Or is that blood will out? Without blood, Dracula's occupation gone! Flickering fantasies fade, turning stale in the gray morning light fantastic trips trifles truffles Truffaut's screen credits crunch crisply.

Narcissus-X wakes, yet dreams; dreams, yet walks amid silent penguins. Silent crystal penguins. Silent crystal penguins, under an obsidian sky.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Till the Tiger Shall Sit on the Fence

Xanthus, Prokoptas, pablum, pandering philistines, obtuse potentates!

Art! ART! Narcissus-X and art! Art not naught for nattering nabobs of nihilistic nincompoopery!!!

Sing toot, sing poot, sing rooti-toot-toot. Sing on the corner for pfennigs and pence, sing till the tiger shall sit on the fence.

Narcissus-X broods.

Brooding hens, hence harmonies cacophonous silently slither nigh nightshade-shrouded ambiance.

Whither the penguins? Whither crystal penguins silhouetted neath an obsidian sky? Baneful penguins with burning eyes: eyes that pierce the night.

Feathers. Feathering. Fletchers, falcons, fain fletch but do not fetch.

Bowser, browsers, bantering boors. Simpering sceptically, simmering sneers.

Away! Away! Narcissus-X and art! Art ready for art? Hark! Narcissus-X Comes!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Narcissus-X: Obsidian Vistas of Opalescent Vacuity

Insomniac icosahedrons, insoucianct inclinations, peregrine pundits pitching pandering platitudes.

Narcissus-X in hadopelagic wanderings witnessed obsidian vistas of opalescent vacuity.

Abstraction of darkness, chasm of night, splinters of twilight, artistic delight.

Whence go the musings, when there are none?

Narcissus-X ponders.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Narcissus-X: Finished in the Kiln of Completion

Pilfering peccadilloes of pernicious platitudes, plebeian pundits pander!

Avaunt, antagonists of artistic ambiguity! Cares Narcissus-X for contemptuous calumnies; cacophonous calliopes, droning, drowning, drenching Calliope's questing cartographer?

Fie! Fee, fi, fo, fum; do re mi fa so la ti dough sticks until it be finished in the kiln of completion!

Sticks, stones, words, bones: naught knot, for art must untied be!

A hearse! A hearse! My kingpin for a hearse! Would that nonchalant nabobs of negligible knowledge gnaw and gnaw, and be a version of things long past participle or is it a penguin?

Penguins! Great obsidian crystal penguins begin their march.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Narcissus-X Alphabetizes

Aberrant asynchronicity batters baleful cacophonies, cancelling dullard drudges eccentrically euhemerizing fearsome ferrets!

Glad girandoles hoist hopeless integers integrating juxtaposed joviality, knowing kingfishers lugubriously languish miserably, misunderstood nabobs niggle obsequiously: ostentatious potentates!

Peerless questions, ridiculing reasons sinuously sinking through turgid tempests ubiquitously urging vehement viceroys without weal? Xanthippe's xenogeny yearns yeastily, Zillah's ziggurat!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Narcissus-X Amid Silent Menhirs

Adiabatic semblance of barometric metronomes echo in fulsome fusillades of harmony and silence.

If silence falls and Narcissus-X there is not, not is there Narcissus-X and falls silence if palindromic pandemonium ensues endlessly recursion of Mandelbrot set match point toward an obsidian sky below and endless night above.

Sweetly sibilant shibboleths rustle through groves of gumshoe soft-shoe buck and wing and nine makes six.

Hexagonal hexameters of horizons horizontal Xanthippe xylophone zither not for whom the zygote zooms: it zooms not for thee.

Whither zebras of obsidian hue and ebony? Howsoever Narcissus-X agonized art of art thou too two to toot? Rooty-toot-toot.

Narcissus-X muses, and musing, meanders amid silent menhirs of long-forgotten ambitions.

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