Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Narcissus-X Drifts

Adit of thought, tenebrous tunnel, Narcissus-X drifts. Silent silverfish sinuous linear tracings shining darkly, sibilant mutterings echoing in reverberant reverie.

Mauve and gas-lamp gleam. Colors of darkness in night unseen. Sheen and shimmer, shivering sounds, sullen intensity glaring from work undone, Narcissus-X seeks.

Seeks and Sykes and cymbals clash, snare drums roll and trumpets blare. Signs and silence, sight and sense, pellucid penguins' darting flair. Flamboyant flambeau, felicitous facade. Narcissus-X does not, can not, paste pastiche pretense: plaudits or no.

Away! Avaunt! Avalanche riders in a storm. Narcissus-X is artist, Narcissus-X declares: behold the ebon gleam.

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