Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Narcissus-X Recoils in Revulsion

Narcissus-X recoils in revulsion! That such a travesty be made of Art! Even of trivial Art! To offer enslaved Art for auction, shackled by chains of plutocratic avarice!

The insult!

The infamy!

The ignorance!

Paltry poltroons parading pompous pretensions of perception!

Moneyed meddlers: twisting Art with their travesties of cash and credit. Reducing to mere crass commercialism that which they neither understand nor can understand!

At least the buyer had the decency to bid anonymously. Perhaps the one who purchased - purchased!! - Nude, Green Leaves and Bust - REPRESENTATIONAL TRAVESTY!!!!!!!! - perhaps that person is an Artist. like Narcissus-X. Artist, perceptive, seeing - yet trammeled by treasure, bound by bounty, trapped in the iron grip of stocks and bonds. Living for Art! Striving for Art! Suffering for Art! But to what end?

To witness the sale of some conventional cubist claptrap at an auction! Auction!! As if mere money were value - and more money meant more value! Narcissus-X rejects such meaningless measures!

A work of that Spanish spackler. Artist, yes: but whose early promise was warped by the trammeling conventions of a stultifying society. But still not without some respect for Art: burning his works, rather than selling them to buy fuel. It is to such devotion to Art that Narcissus-X aspires. Ah! The exquisite anguish of burning Art, rather than sullying its purity with mere commerce.

Artist, beware! Despite pretensions of relevance, the Guernican greenie preferred practical profit to Art's abstract anguish! Profit!! Wealth!!! Villas in the south of France!!!!

Narcissus-X REJECTS!

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