Monday, September 28, 2009

Narcissus-X Has Seen Beyond the Caverns of Crystal Oblivion

Gibbering gibbon, gibbous moon, Gibbons' tale of gathering doom.

Pallid perceptions, pellucid panes, views of conventional artists' names.

Rhymes to the right them, rhymes to the left of them, into the valley of fame rode the ten thousand.

Narcissus-X seeks not fame: Narcissus-X is artist, creator, perceiver. Narcissus-X understands - but Narcissus-X cannot expect understanding.

Narcissus-X must create: for Narcissus-X has seen beyond the caverns of crystal oblivion.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Enchiladas of Cretaceous Crustaceans

Enchiladas of Cretaceous crustaceans frolicked in Patagonia mire. Chitinous tortillas, wrapping chthonian inamoratas in polymeric armor.

Enceladus, writhing and wounded and buried 'neath mountain, whose breath is the source its fiery fountains.

Chthonic halls, whose barred doors guard - what?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Narcissus-X Gazes Into the Eyes of Sargon

Pure stereopticon dissolving one image into the next in planar display of temporal order. Time marches on, and on: one view succeeding another in cosmic cadence of pyramid and tomb, time on a loom, shining filaments of shadow and doom.

Impure stereopticon images of Assyrian tombs. Amenophis and his double stride through muraled lives, ka enduring after.

Narcissus-X ponders Tyre: island-city; purple cloth; Hiram's home; founded Carthage. Nineveh: Ancient crossroads; Sargon's library; Sargon's head. Bearded head, cast in bronze. Wounded eye. Does he smile?

Odin, they say, gave an eye for wisdom at Mímir's Well. Did Sargon do the same?

Does Sargon smile? Or is it pain?

Nineveh, Tyre, Harappa, Ye. Names remembered, places that were.

Manila, Seoul, Jakarta, Chicago. Names known, places that are. For now.

Narcissus-X gazes into the eyes of Sargon. They are not eyes. The head is bronze, the eyes are empty: dark portals to the void where Nineveh and Tyre drift, and forgotten kings sit on silent thrones.

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