Thursday, January 21, 2016

Narcissus-X: Beware the Droste!

Recursive regressions rebounding, Droste geometries, redundant reflections withdrawing towards an infinity of repetitious recapitulations, defenestrations of Prague, but does the golem walk?

Looping laps and wavelets sing, no penguins does the sunset bring; yet when at nightfall all is dark, penguins glide above the park. Recurrent periodic table, none will sing when none are able. Able, Cain, and endless rain, trudging through the lightless drain.

Penguins, penguins, persiflage and pointless patter, where is thought and what is matter? Deep, descending, enduring divers diversely recurring thoughts of penguin pools and pattering feet, yet where do all the jesters meet?

And Narcissus-X looks back to see another screen, another sea from which another sight will still retreat in darkened night?

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Devotees of the Euphistic Quidditer