Thursday, August 12, 2010

Narcissus-X Beholds Crystal Penguins

Deconstructed dregs of drek and doom! Narcissus-X is artist! Narcissus-X is art! Narcissus-X cares not for frivolous foolery, feverishly ephemeral fantasies of sleek commercial intent!

For what is plot and character but the slavish cant of forlorn trivialities masquerading with pomp and circumstances beyond their control to ensnare the minds of readers in twisting labyrinthine coils of Ouroboros of New York including Bronx and Manhattan where Broadway lights the King and I to live and die on Broadway.

Away! Away! Away down east on Broadway!

But nay! But nay!

Not for naught does Narcissus-X declaim grim tidings under the obsidian sky. Look! The loon-red eyes of crystal penguins!

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Devotees of the Euphistic Quidditer