Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Narcissus-X Lost, Yet Found

Imponderable ailerons dip graceful cadences as ethereal elephants enjoy eggplant landscapes of primitive bliss. Impressions fly as dreams of gossamer wing westward without weal or woe. Woe ho ho, and a dram of delight.

Pillaging philistines rack the soul as pusillanimity prevents philosophical pursuits. Out, out brief road flare! Concepts caper across dusty plains of ash as day turns to night and night to day. The poet pauses, pitiful pilfered pittances of paltry verse pattering to and fro.

Who the poet, what the point? Individuation squirms 'neath the guise of conformist mediocrity. Yet a name is a name. And the name names names, for the name is Narcissus-X!

Narcissus-X! Nadir no more! Nascent notions effervesce into towering mists of ephemeral structure. Awake, Narcissus-X, Narcissus-X calls you to dark horizons of obsidian light!


Fantasticos Ganymede said...

"Eggplant landscapes"! Marvelous. A very rich, verbose, almost belligerent entry, here. It reminds me of Joyce a little, in the temper of it, with your "Either you get it or you don't but you're on your own" approach. Nice.

Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...

Fantasticos Ganymede,

Thank you. That Joyce reference is gratifying: I don't take the "Narcissus-X" posts very seriously (I'm a great deal more laid-back than NX), but Joyce is one of the authors I had in mind when putting these together.

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