Friday, April 25, 2008

Narcissus-X Dwells in a Graben

Narcissus-X emerges from the grotto of velvet coal, resuming contemplations of landscapes profound beyond imagination. Beyond hope and beneath reason, through labyrinthine vistas of brooding conventions, and across a featureless plane of meaningless words, words, words, Narcissus-X beholds a goal without point, but with great depth.

For Narcissus-X is within a graben of mist and dark, yet the graben is within Narcissus-X, for the mind of Narcissus-X comprehends the graben. And, comprehending, the mind of Narcissus-X holds the graben within the mind of Narcissus-X, while Narcissus-X is within the graben within the mind of Narcissus-X.

Narcissus-X dwells in a graben
Of darkness inscrutably graven
Traversing a fog
Within a dim bog
That lies in the heart of the graben.

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