Friday, April 25, 2008

Narcissus-X Inspires

Narcissus-X is sufficient unto Narcissus-X, yet Narcissus-X is generous.

Regarding those vast unfulfilled masses of those who are not Narcissus-X, Narcissus-X is moved. Knowing that no-one but Narcissus-X can attain such profundity as Narcissus-X experiences simply by being, Narcissus-X finds touching any effort to achieve such depths.

And so it with full heart that Narcissus-X demonstrates great magnanimity, by linking to a thread in which some who are not Narcissus-X nevertheless try to achieve some faint echo of that great awareness that is the lot on Narcissus-X: "Who Knew Haikus Could be So Depressing? Narcissus-X Posts a Year's Worth"
BlogCatalog discussion thread, started April 25, 2008.

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