Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Intense, yearning, abyssal, loneliness!

Cut off from those who could benefit from contact from Narcissus-X!

Dissolution of digital bonds! Desperate, dismal, depths of Stygian gloom!

For Narcissus-X to be deprived, by some pathetic excuse of a server's need for maintenance, of the attention which Narcissus-X so richly deserves!

Not that Narcissus-X yearns for fame. Far from Narcissus-X, the paltry, pre-pubescent panting for praise! Narcissus-X cares not for the adulation of the masses!

For Narcissus-X soars in realms beyond the reach of the common crowd, swims in deeps beyond their reach, plunges into the abyss where the dare not tread. What cares Narcissus-X whether such see, or see not, the musings of Narcissus-X?

That Narcissus-X should be treated thus!

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Anonymous said...


Do you know anything about ancient of days?

I would like to know what to expect.

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