Friday, August 17, 2007

Musings on Meaningful Solitude

Alone, in the dark, Narcissus-X faces the soulless pit of atrocities which may be called life. As if to breathe were life! As if life were to breathe!

It is only in solitude that Narcissus-X may achieve true creativity, alone and warming the five wits of Narcissus-X, sits Narcissus-X in nyctean contemplation. Contemplation of Narciccus-X, contemplation of merit, contemplation of the unique musings of Narcissus-X.

For this is true: Narcissus-X has discovered, through self-examination, that self-reverence, self-knowledge, and self-control are the sole and singular means by which Narcissus-X possesses sovereign power.

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Devotees of the Euphistic Quidditer