Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Narcissus-X Ponders Perspectives

Stultifying conventions of mere representationalism. Mathematical pale of pretentious absurdities - as if linear perspective represented reasonable realms of realistic rendering, rending perceptions, perspectives, reality itself in unreal symmetries of gridlocked shackles from even Art, Art, Narcissus-X may become entrapped.

Penultimate precipice of palpable puffery!! Etopic enactments, eccentric eventualities of erroneous acumen! Narcissus-X recoils from such platitudinous, pedestrian pablum of presumed popular preferences!

- or -
Frustrations of the Artist

One point!
Two point!
Three point!


But wait!

Narcissus-X is Artist!

But why?

Not as panderer to popular presentation of platitude parades. Not as slavish lackey to mere approximations of representational realism.

Not to be immured in a morass of mercantile mediocrities.

But is Narcissus-X naught but "not?"

Art for Art! Narcissus-X is Artist! Narcissus-X is for Art!

But is Art for Art and end? And is the end of Art for Art an end - and only an end? For What is Art, what is Artist, what is Narcissus-X if none but Narcissus-X knows Art?

Does not Narcissus-X display Art? Did not the Squirrel-King anoint Twitchimius as Guardian of the Golden Grove? And for what? To be ignored? To be beheld by the opposite wall? To be or not to be: That is the question.

But even as Hamlet did in vain assail the slings and arrows of Castle Cawdor, so does Narcissus-X display for the sake of walls.

Or was that Othello? It matters not, for Narcissus-X is Artist! Narcissus-X will prevail.

Narcissus-X will ponder perspectives.

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