Friday, February 11, 2011

Narcissus-X: TRAPPED!

Narcissus-X ponders. And, pondering, envisions - - -

Narcissus-X treads paths of ebon - - - What?! Light?! Color! Form! Substance!

Narcissus-X sees! Perceives! Confronts! Defies this eldritch  illumined harbinger of paltry platitude!

Audacious affront to Art! Perverse provocation! Prosaic posturing! Narcissus-X is Artist! Narcissus-X is Art! Narcissus-X cries NAY! But for naught! For Narcissus-X Comprehends:



Brigid said...

One word: Snerk.

Brian H. Gill said...



CRM solutions said...

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Brian H. Gill said...

CRM solutions,

At last! Appreciation! Recognition! Evidentiary testimony in support of Genius from the bowls of wage-slave oppressors of Expression and Art - at least in New Zealand!

Narcissus-X craves not adulation of the multitude. Narcissus-X seeks not acclaim of mundane panderers to popular taste.

And yet, Narcissus-X exults that - at last! Yes! At last! Narcissus-X receives International Recognition of Genius and Preeminence!

samsung printer toner cartridges said...

I like this article of yours the images used are so cute. Thanks for sharing hope to see more of them.

Interesting Facts said...

Hmm very cute images of Narcissus-X. I am happy to meet with you Narcissus-X. looking for more from you Narcissus-X.

Brian H. Gill said...

Interesting Facts,

Comprehension! Cute capers, confronting cataclysmic convictions!

Art must out! Narcissus-X must create! Narcissus-X hammers upon the obsidian sky, plummets beyond the bottomless abyss in search of ethereal inspirations!

Narcissus-X has writer's block.

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