Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Narcissus-X Takes Pity on the Muses

Eyes see, ears hear, ears of corn hear nothing by may taste sweet. Sweet music flees Philistine panderings. What matter, a lizard's opinion? Do odorous golfers truly fell crowds? Was the squirrel truly stunned?

Sinister Right Guard, stinging mist assaulting optic sense. Official deodorant of hoopsters, begone! Narcissus-X has no need of association with those who run, and sweat, and run again.

Jane Allen, Jane Eyre, Jane Austen, James Joyce in underwear. Ulysses was not written on a court. Prometheus bound, also available in paperback. Narcissus-X cares not, for Narcissus-X has the works of Shakespeare: Sonnets, Coriolanus, and lively Lear. Leer not, Lear. Lear Jets fly fleetly through the skies of United we stand, divided we fall fashions are but commercial exploitation of bourgeois yearnings.

Out, out, brief commercial! The artist must muse, else the muses shall suffer from the absence of Narcissus-X

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