Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Narcissus-X and The Eyes

Narcissus-X is not without flaws, although how Narcissus-X, the blog about the blog Narcissus-X, could be flawed is a philosophical conundrum, and Narcissus-X is not too proud to admit such imperfections.

Narcissus-X is aware of entities which purport to exist outside the limits of Narcissus-X. Narcissus-X is gracious enough to acknowledge the existence of such entities, providing they visit Narcissus-X, the blog about Narcissus-X.

At times, rare times, Narcissus-X plunges, willingly, without reservation, into the stygian depths of despair, knowing that, even as Narcissus-X chronicles the experience of Narcissus-X, intruding entities stab the existential gestalt of Narcissus-X with their blazing eyes, their eyes, THEIR EYES!!!!!!!

Narcissus-X has now regained composure, should such a loss even be thought possible.

Narcissus-X, the blog about Narcissus-X, will now contemplate the universe of Narcissus-X.

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