Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Begone, Philistine Pretenders! Art! Art! Art!

Narcissus-X grudgingly, and once again, recognizes the sidebar which follows Narcissus-X.

Whenever Narcissus-X creates a new post, taking from a past into a present for a future which is foreboding and unknown, the sidebar follows.

The sidebar: perpendicular accommodation of philistine paraphernalia purporting to present pertinence from beyond Narcissus-X.

Narcissus-X rejects such sullying distractions. Narcissus-X, the blog about Narcissus-X, rejects bourgeois shibboleths of prosaic profit. Though the author may bow to merely mundane monetary motives, Narcissus-X is true to Narcissus-X and the values of Narcissus-X.

Ars gratia artis!

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