Friday, April 3, 2009

Narcissus-X Contemplates Distant Sakura

Narcissus-X walks adumbral paths, abides at times in the grotto of velvet coal, often dwells in lands beneath the obsidian sky. Narcissus-X travels anagogic paths of shade and trenchant chasms of phenomena: searching for light.

Light: effulgence of torrid Xemx; scintillating ephemera; or unwavering gaze of Sol, beyond Earth's umbra.

Light: coruscating shaft of mind's comprehension; unwavering glare of hard, sharp fact; creative flare; imagination's guide.

Light of the mind guides, illumines: sunlight or darkness.

Light of the eyes: color, clouds of white and pink. Wonder of these days.

Mayor's gift to Gallic child's dream, roofless Mall, Philadelphia's loss and Maryland's cost: Beauty abounding, gentle symbol of valiant land, darkness leaves its mark but blooms return. Cuttings return to ancestral lands after three score and nine.

Three more, and a century has passed since Arakawa River's shade arrived on Potomac's shores.

Narcissus-X remains in land of ice and flood, but a portion of Narcissus-X travels to sakuran scenes.

Light of the eyes pleases, informs. Light of the mind endures.

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